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ROI should drive website spend…

Posted by:
Laurence on 20/10/2016

tags: digital, investment, profit

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A website should not be an area of your business to withhold funding and resource

As the face of a company and the primary touch point for existing and potential customers, your website should be at the center of any plans for business growth and development.

That said, it is essential that any digital outlay should pay for itself in the short term and deliver a healthy return on investment over its lifespan. Ultimately, if the ROI is positive, the level of investment becomes less of a concern as long as it remains within budget.

The role of any commercial website should be to turn visitors into customers and customers into repeat customers. Often I meet people who are fixated on getting more traffic to their website above all else. While marketing activity is an essential part of business growth, I remind them that converting that traffic into revenue should be the key focus. With potential clients at REDBOT we regularly examine analytics and see decent traffic numbers that translate into little or zero conversions.

A great user experience is responsible for translating visitors into conversions, not the marketing activity that brought them to your digital front door. In our experience good design, informative content, and intuitive user interfaces are the blueprint for healthy ROI.

With little material costs involved in a website development, a quote will be largely indicative of the time an agency is going to invest in your project against their hourly or day rate. While the difference between a £3k, £6k and £9k quote might seem vast, a well planned and well delivered website is proven to produce superior ROI. Investment translates directly into business generation which over the lifespan of a website can be worth tens of thousands of pounds more than the original outlay.

When talking to potential clients, often it is clear that little thought has been given to the costs involved in maintaining a website. A thorough and successful delivery will ensure a website that it is quick and easy to manage and gives your team the ability and drive to create engaging content internally and without the need for additional training or further agency involvement. If something is hard to do it is often put off or avoided all together.

Delivering a website that caters for both your customers and team will go a long way towards achieving a healthy ROI. When considering the level of your next digital spend, be sure to take into account the time and service proposition an agency is allocating to your website and remind yourself that a little extra investment could make a big difference to the ROI over its lifespan.